I wanted to see you

comp: http://wellidontseewhynot.com/album/well-i-dont-see-why-not-vol-four

song: http://wellidontseewhynot.com/track/i-wanted-to-see-you

review: http://www.fensepost.com/main/2013/10/28/well-i-dont-see-why-not-volume-4/

Stream for free on Bandcamp or purchase 22 song compilation for 5 dollars and support Antiquated Future.  Well, I don’t why not, either.


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Vultures: Published Poetry

Today my poem, “Vultures” was published in the Spring 2012 issue of 2RVThe 2River View is an online journal, however there is a nifty “Make the Mag” button at the top of the page that allows readers to print a booklet if they so desire.  I hope you will check out some of the great work there: http://www.2river.org/




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It’s a Frog Leg Chicken Wing Hot Sauce Hoopla at HM157

Tomorrow’s event will not be at Echo Country Outpost after all, although they are still organizing the event… now it’s here

HM157 (Historical Monument 157)
3110 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, July 16 · 1:00pm – 7:00pm
Not sure when I’m playing exactly but I feel like it will be the beginning or the middle. ?
And here’s a really enticing blog entry about it in case you’re not sure about going out during the “Carmageddon” closure of the I-405 freeway in Los Angeles.  Don’t be afraid.  There will be 11 bands…wow!  And frog legs.  A touch of France in LA.  Music all day.

And just in case you are all wistful because you didn’t come to Stories on Wednesday to hear music, and you are wondering how cool it was, you could get a chance rectify that situation and hear Cabinet of Natural Curiosities and Fort King aka Ryan Fuller play (and they are amazing) again tomorrow while making yourself sick on fried food.  As for the talented songstress Emily Lacy, you missed out my friend.  Don’t apologize, it’s too late now!

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Summer Show Schedule

I have shows coming up in LA starting tomorrow:

Sunday July 3 – 7:00pm Molly Malone’s, Los Angeles – with A Mountain Cat

Wednesday July 13 – 7:00pm? Stories – Books & Coffee, Los Angeles – with Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

Saturday July 16 – 4:00pm Echo Country Outpost – all-day BBQ with Cabinet of Natural Curiosities and Whitman, Fort King, Ruthann Friedman, Moomaw Jackson, Miwa Gemini

…and a Southwestern mini-tour with LETTERS of Olympia, WA.  More details will follow, and maybe a few different shows, so check the events tab for updates.  You know… specific time and location, just those really minor details…

Saturday August 13 – Santa Fe, NM

Sunday August 14 – Albuquerque, NM

Monday August 15 – Flagstaff, AZ

Tuesday August 16 – Tucson, AZ

Wednesday August 17 – Phoenix, AZ

Thursday August 18 – Claremont radio @ 10:00 am, Tribal Cafe @ 5:00pm, Los Angeles

Also, Happy Fourth of July!

This is the first fourth of July I have felt like …wow… you know, I actually do love my country.

Ironically, instead of feeling like celebrating with fireworks, it just makes me feel depressed that we aren’t doing better, and haven’t been for a while… or… ever??  So here’s to hoping we improve and reach our potential.  There are so many ways we can change and become way less screwed up.  We just need to stop being lazy and get motivated about making important changes.  Like leading more sustainable lives, supporting our own economy, and not existing in a state of perpetual, ongoing war, just for example.

Hopefully the crumminess we are all experiencing will force us all to stop feeling so complacent and consider how we can improve our lives at basic levels, instead of instilling us with feelings of fear and helplessness that make us point fingers and distract us from the bigger picture and the root of problems in this country.  We can do better!

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You can listen to the new EP in whole and for free on SoundCloud.  Without annoying advertisements.

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Talented Friends

Just a quick note: if you’re looking for some new music to listen to this summer, and you’re into mellow female vocals with some wandering-around-sounding clarinet and a bit of piano, I highly recommend Oh man, cover the ground by Shana Cleveland.

Yes, I am biased.  But I am also very particular about music, and this is my favorite album of the year that was composed by an artist who is still alive.  These days I am finding harder and harder to find good, original-sounding music by musicians who are living.  Sorry that sounds so morbid.

Her new project is called “Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles,” since  she is accompanied by a posse of instrumentalists.  Together they all sound like they are lying on the beach and drinking absinthe out of coconuts with straws stuck in them. And it is the 70s so you can still find a good chair to recline in, like those long rectangular ones with the little colored plastic strips… you know what I’m talking about…

The album is available at her bandcamp page.  It includes a homemade cd sleeve with original art by Shana.  You can also buy the songs on tape or as a digital download.

Happy listening.


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Tiger Friends Collective

Dirty and Wrong: Songs Left Behind 2000-2010 is now available at Tiger Friends Collective (as well as Ms. Valerie Park Distro).

I’m really pleased with how things have gone with this disc so far… there’s still time to buy a limited edition (of 50) disc, but enough have sold that they won’t be gathering dust when I’m 100 years old.  It’s a comfort that there’s a limit to the quantity of people who will get to hear these rough old tracks, because they are very much like the sonic equivalent of walking around in underwear.

For everyone who likes to hear clothes on top of the underwear, there is always the digital download EP on cdbaby and iTunes, and since those are not physically existent, they will not be going out of stock.

Tiger Friends Collective is based out of a small gold-mining town in California called Placerville, or “Hangtown” (the name is self-explanatory), right near the even tinier town I grew up in—Georgetown.  Congratulations to Google Maps for locating my town, because it basically has like one street.  The nearest “big city” is Sacramento, CA, and next is SF and the bay area.  A nearby spot of trendiness right now is Nevada City.  A lot of artists who are part of Tiger Friends Collective are working out of these areas.

Tiger Friends is a collaborative project, but is mostly the love child of talented songstress Brianna Lea Pruett.  She is an inspiring person.

Tiger Friends is a boutique record label offering selections from unique and inspiring artists. Known for their versatility, these artists are chosen for their dedication to their craft, strong community involvement, music knowledge, and personal commitment to bringing their best to their fans. Artists, musicians, and farmers participate with Tiger Friends Collective.

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Secret Songs for Spring

As hoped, Dirty and Wrong: Songs Left Behind has been finished in time for Spring.  There are two formats for this album.

1. Physical full-length, limited edition version (50 total), with hand-numbered discs, hand-sewn vellum booklets, and cover art designed in collage/watercolor/tape.  This album includes a rough instrumental song from all the way back in 2000, songs just recorded last year, miscellaneous sound footage, and a cover.  It’s a special collection.  You can purchase one at Ms. Valerie Park Distro.  Later they may also be available through Tiger Friends Collective.

2. Digital 4-song EP, featuring 4 of the most recent, higher quality recordings, available here.

Songs for this compilation were recorded in different mediums—mainly tape and different types of computer recording equipment and software.

All songs were mastered by Jalal Haddad, in Sacramento, California.

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Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly +1 cover song

Ball of Wax has a new blog/website, and therein is posted my cover of “Lithium” by Nirvana.  It looks like Ball of Wax has decided to be all generous and include past Volumes as free downloads from their blog… wow!  You can purchase the most recent compilation, and I have a feeling I may have a song included on the next one, we shall see.


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Coming Soon… Dirty & Wrong : Songs Left Behind

This compilation of orphaned tracks spans a decade, and will be out this year, in 2011.  It is being put out as a “limited edition” cd, so there will be 50 cds total.  There will also be digital downloads, but the entire album will not be available digitally, just selected tracks.  Get ready for emotions.



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